The French Art of Welcoming in Hotel Spas
The French Art of Welcoming in Hotel Spas

Is there such a thing as a French legitimacy and vision of the spa?  It’s a legitimate question to ask. [...]

Spas and Luxury Hotels
Spas and Luxury Hotels

Creating spas in luxury hotels… There have been several development phases in the world of luxury hotels. After putting the spotlight on gastronomy [...]

Decoding the Luxury Hotel Industry

Decoding the Luxury Hotel Industry was born from my expertise in the luxury hotel trade, as well as my passion for the Art of Welcoming. I invite you to discover this revolving gallery of articles, in which I share my views on luxury 4-star and 5-star hotels with the aim of redefining the notion of the French art of welcoming in the hotel industry. I have developed my knowledge of this sector through my various roles in hotel management and marketing for an international leader in hotel brands (ACCOR/SOFITEL Group). Over the years, I have visited over 350 different 4-star and 5-star hotels and Palaces around the world, and today, I am involved in organizing numerous luxury events in hotels.

Over the centuries, we have come to inherit the best of all that France represents: her traditions, the culinary arts, the art of living, and the codes of sophistication, elegance, and refinement. Among these, it is the Art of Welcoming that lies at the heart of luxury hotels and palaces. Inspired by the experience of luxury service, I unearth the latest trends to assist you with your hotel plans by delivering news on the best of what’s being done across hotels. My insatiable curiosity, layered insights on luxury hotels, and network of experts, investors, hotel managers, and talents will come together to accompany you in navigating this sector.

I offer you my personal analyses of high-end and luxury hotels. You will also find my interviews with numerous industry experts who have agreed to join me in my mission. This site also serves as a space of exchange, so feel free to send me your own hotel experiences or ask any questions. You will regularly find articles along the following themes: Style and Design, Training, Employment, Restaurant Offerings, Luxury, Hospitality, Hotel Professions, Paris Hotels, Hotel Architecture, Hotel Constructions and Renovations, and Commercial Strategy for Hotels.

Welcome to my site; I hope you enjoy your stay.